Base material works is an architectural and research collective based in Paris, France. Our ambition is to draw, write and debate new architectural practices. Ideas and projects are shared with international members. Base material works focuses its actions around local and territorial issues relying on digital manufacturing and prototyping tools. The collective is constantly seeking to expand its field of exploration through hybrid technologies and emerging thoughts. This webpage works as an open archive,  as a collection of base material.


Léa Alapini (FRA) Msc TU Delft, Netherlands
Guillaume Jami (FRA) Mas Dfab  ETH Zürich, Switzerland


Francesco Milano (ITA)
Karen Antroveza (COL)
Keyan Ye (CAN)
Juliette Kaminski (FRA) 
Charlotte Reuse (SUI)
Marc Delez (SUI)
Edward Catlin (USA)